Team Smallwonder was established in 2014. I personally did not create my team. And that is exactly what makes my team so special. Team Smallwonder created itself. I started off with about 4 competitors and it was my competitors who named my team by beginning to hashtag “#teamsmallwonder” during their contest prep. My coaching started back in late 2013 with a friend of mine who was competing as a welterweight in Men’s Bodybuilding. It’s because of this man I began coaching, he trusted in me to bring him into Nationals that gave me the confidence to begin coaching. Now, one year later Team Smallwonder has grown into something I could never of imagined. I have a large range of athletes from Men’s Physique and Men’s Bodybuilding, to Women’s Bikini, Figure and Physique athletes. I strive to create a strong family atmosphere. I share my personal struggles and triumphs from competing with all my competitors and offer as much guidance as I can to ensure competing is the most rewarding experience for everyone.

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