Realize that there are NO LIMITS!

Set goals, reach them... then, reach HIGHER!

You can always feel better, smile more, be healthy & fit, and enjoy every minute of it. My passion is health and fitness. I've been in this industry since 2009. I was not born in shape, I was not athletic as a child. I trained and trained and trained, never giving up, never loosing hope or motivation. I am motivated by knowing I still have a long road ahead of me. I am motivated knowing that the possibilities of my health and fitness are endless. I am motivated by success. Motivation can and should come from many different avenues. As long as you can find your motivation you will be successful.

Live to be a better version of you; TRAIN STRONG!

About Team Smallwonder
Team Smallwonder was established in 2014. I personally did not create my team. And that is exactly what makes my team so special. Team Smallwonder created itself. I started off with about 4 competitors and it was my competitors who named my team by beginning to hashtag "#teamsmallwonder" during their contest prep. My coaching started back in late 2013 with a friend of mine who was competing as a welterweight in Men's Bodybuilding. It's because of this man I began coaching, he trusted in me to bring him into Nationals that gave me the confidence to begin coaching. Now, one year later Team Smallwonder has grown into something I could never of imagined. I have a large range of athletes from Men's Physique and Men's Bodybuilding, to Women's Bikini, Figure and Physique athletes. I strive to create a strong family atmosphere. I share my personal struggles and triumphs from competing with all my competitors and offer as much guidance as I can to ensure competing is the most rewarding experience for everyone.

Competing can be an amazing experience. MOST people who compete just once, fall in love and continue competing. As a competitor you are going to be challenged, not only in your training and diet but in your head, and your heart. Competing is a  lifestyle. When you set your head and heart to being the best YOU can be, you will be successful.
    I work with all types of athletes from Men's Physique, and Men's Bodybuilding, to Women's Bikini, Figure and Physique. I take my coaching very seriously because I too am an NPC competitor. Competing has taught me decline, time management, patience and so much more.
    Whether you have competed before or are thinking about competing for the first time. I would be happy to meet with you! I work with both local and long distance competitors.